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Interacting with the Author

My name is Zules (find me in the reader's comments section with a BOSS tag by my name), and I love reading every comment I get. I will try to reply all comments that particularly warrant a reply (such as questions or suggestions), so don't be shy.

However, as the author, I cannot participate in plot speculation as normal readers would, so I will not respond to comments of this nature. For example, you are more than welcome to ask other readers "Who is that guy with all the nose piercings?" but a comment like this will receive no reply from me because answering would needlessly spoil the story. (I will, however, clear up misunderstandings or add detail if I deem that it won't spoil anything in the future.)

I'm sure this is already obvious to everyone, but I wanted to make it perfectly clear so that nobody thinks I am ignoring certain readers just because they have a penchant for guesses and speculation (which I welcome, bring 'em on!)

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