Frequently Asked Questions

When does this comic update?

- Update days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I usually upload the pages the afternoon before (Central US time) so that it'll be up by midnight in a good number of time zones.

How long will this comic be?

- Really long.

How do you make your pages?

- I work completely digitally, using a Wacom tablet from sketching to shading to touch-ups. I used the program Paint Tool SAI (with small effects done in Photoshop Elements) for the old prologue and much of Chapter 1--then switched to Manga Studio 5 on page 49 (as of chapter 8, I have updated to Clip Studio Paint Pro). I also use DesignDoll to create poses which I then illustrate.

Can you put my character in your comic?

- No, sorry. I am only using my own original characters in the comic.

Do you accept fanart submissions?

- I love fanart! Please send me a link to it!

If it's really good, you might just make it into the "featured fanart" section on the sidebar that is displayed on every page of this site along with a link to your site!

Do you take art commissions?

- Unfortunately, I am working 5-6 days a week drawing Exvulnerum, so I don't really have the time to commit to other art projects.

I also run a webcomic. Can we be affiliates?

- I would love to check out your comic to see if we're a good fit--as long as our comics have similar reader demographics and your site is able to link to mine. Please contact me! :)

I'm a first-time reader. Can I read Exvulnerum backwards? Like, starting from the most recent page and clicking "back" again and again?

- No. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? You're bad at reading webcomics and you should feel bad.

How can I contact you?

- Visit the author page to find out how you can contact me.

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