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So the thing about having a super long comic is that you sort of HAVE to upload at least 3 pages a week to have any chance of finishing the story before you enter retirement age hahaha. Only under extraordinary circumstances (major and unavoidable life transitions, emergencies, crippling burnout, etc) do I feel like it's acceptable to lower my pace of production (again, just because of how long this comic is). However, right now I'm dealing with some unfavorable time crunching circumstances that are putting some strain on my ability to produce pages at a comfortable rate--but they're not so intense that I need to lower my update schedule again (because, again again, long-term it makes reaching the end of this story in a reasonable time frame really difficult).

All that is to say: I didn't have enough time to really give it adequate thought, but the ring wrap banner that says "WRESTLE!" should really say something much more snarky--in true Dzuna fashion. I'll let you use your fan-goggles to superimpose something clever. Sorry for the corner cutting haha it's hard to juggle quality and quantity with a comic as giant as Exvulongcomicnerum.

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