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yeah this really isn't good sfmhc

HOWEVER--fun announcement time! Caitlin Blaine and I are teaming up for a new event this year--for Halloween weekend. :) It's called the Moxvulnerum read-a-thon!! For the event, you'll be tasked with reading or rereading chapters of Exvulnerum and affiliate comic Moxie for the chance to earn prizes! You can also keep track of your progress with a little badge tracker I made! Visit the thread to preview the badges!

Exvulnerum is a LONG comic by now, so this is a great opportunity to reread it if you haven't recently; I guarantee you'll get something out of a reread! Please consider joining in, especially if you don't have plans Halloween weekend, haven't yet read Moxie, or want a cool way to jump onto (or back into) the Cresnov scene! Cresnov is our forum community, and we're a welcoming bunch! The more people who join and participate, the more fun this event will be, so please come and read-a-thon with us!!! :D Read the rules here!

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