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-Chapter 17 is about to begin, and I guess it needs another disclaimer. I mean, if you've read this far, the contents are probably nothing that will catch you off guard, but it is pretty horror-genre in some parts, so here's your warning. I personally don't think it's as bad as Chapter 13, but others would disagree with me, sooo...

-ON THAT NOTE, I'm going to take Friday's update off since it is Christmas and since I don't want to post a horrific page on Christmas, haha... also, I need a bit of a break because my buffer is running low.

-Merry Christmas!!

-I forgot to promote the Dear Dzuna mailroom link during the last update, so head on over there if you have questions for Dzuna! If you need to find it in the future, just go to the About page and then click on "Ask Dzuna".

-Spend your holidays on the Exvulnerum forums, Cresnov! We LOVE new members, or old returning members, and we will give you a warm welcome!!

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