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If you don't understand this page or are feeling a bit lost, now is a great time to reread the comic!! If you haven't reread the comic before, I guarantee it'll be a fun experience because there are lots of things in earlier chapters that take on new meaning the second time through.

Also, here's a reminder that I'm giving all Patreon patrons codes that will allow you to redeem a download of the Exvulnerum album for free--but ONLY through this month, so you have about 10 days left to take advantage of that offer!

"Wait, Zules," you gasp. "You mean I can sign up on your Patreon at the lowest price tier and redeem high quality downloads of all 14 songs on the album for only $1?!"

"Yes," I say while spinning 3 coffee mugs on my elbows and drawing page 839.

"What if I cancel my patronage next month? Do I still get to keep the album?"

"Yes," I say, taking a sip from one of the spinning mugs while drawing one of Lupe's boot garlics. "Sign up, cancel, keep the songs. Live your life. All I ask is that you send me a message through Patreon after signing up so that I can send you your code."

Here's a post with more details.

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