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Ten years ago, on May 1, 2010, I posted the following message on Exvulnerum's freshly-coded website:

"Finally put the first page up (two if you count the prologue intro page). Worked on it most of yesterday; took me around 5 hours. Hopefully I can get another page up this weekend. I'm looking forward to, at the very least!"

Ten years ago, I began telling the story of Exvulnerum, one page at a time, and over 700 pages later, I'm still doing the same thing. I'm still looking forward to getting another page up--each and every time. I still believe in this story, so much that it hurts, sometimes.

It hurts that I don't have the resources to reach more people. It hurts that I can't draw faster and move the story along at a quicker pace. It hurts that my life gets in the way of the comic so, so often, and slows me down even more. I'm updating three times a week, but I want to update a lot more than that. It hurts that I can't.

But this journey has also been filled with amazing highs. First and foremost, the wonderful community on I've been blessed with--all the hours the forum members spend there, building me up and building each other up while enriching this corner of the Internet with the self-expression of each member, so valued in my eyes. After that, the comment section here and the outpouring of priceless encouragement and thought-provoking, interesting comments I've received--adding to that, the monetary support from Exvulnerum's patrons... just knowing that people believe in me enough to pledge money to this project means more than I can express right here. Thank you.

I'm almost definitely going to be working on this comic another ten years. Please stick around, tell your friends, join in the community if you have the slightest desire to, and don't hesitate to reach out... Thank you!

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