Page uploaded on January 5, 2020.

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Is this Amber's moment of clarity? Or a moment of insanity? I'm finding that one of the best things about being an author is seeing all of the different (sometimes polar-opposite-different!) responses that readers have. One of the hardest things, though, is being unable to add my own voice to the mix, because that would probably end up spoiling how the story goes. I just have to let it speak for itself. Until it's done, at least--then I'll feel free to clarify what I was trying to do with these plot threads.

Thank you, though, for commenting from a position of not knowing how the story is going to turn out, for being vulnerable and true to yourselves and adding your perspectives which so greatly enrich this story. Thank you!

You guys are the best readers on the Internet, and I can only hope that this comic ends up being half as important to you as you all are to me <3

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