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Bullpens (at least in the major leagues) are equipped with phones so that the manager can communicate to the players there which pitcher(s) should warm up and when. It's a call to action!

Also, today is #ThankYouPatrons day!! Did you know the $87/mo I currently make on Patreon comes from generous readers like YOU and allows me to pay for server costs, digital art supplies, and coffee? All these things are really important, so please consider chipping in! Every $1 pledge adds up!! --or if you're able to contribute more, you can snag yourself a fancy sprite that will be displayed here on the site! Click the sticker below to find out more.

To celebrate #ThankYouPatrons day, I've decided to release (to all patrons) the sloppy bonus comic I drew in 2016 that recounts how Amber and West met! Only those who participated in the TWC voting incentive challenge back then were able to see it, so here's the chance for everyone else to!

I was holding back from releasing the comic because I felt like it was something special, but now feels like the perfect opportunity to bring it back since chapter 14 has some interesting parallels with it!

Anyway, thank you patrons! And thank you, readers, who cannot give--your comments make my day sometimes, so know you are appreciated too!!!

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