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As I was making this page, I spent a good long time trying to figure out what Evey wears to bed at night... It was a little stressful, actually! Nightwear isn't something I normally think about when I create my characters, and I would have to draw whatever I decided.

I finally determined this: Evey usually wears pajamas to bed, very cute and dorky looking ones, but he didn't bother to pack his pajamas when he hastily left home because nightwear was the last thing on his mind (I can relate!). He spent the first part of his journey to Inarod sleeping in his own clothes because that's closer to what he's used to, but at this point, his clothes are so gross and/or worn out that he's just sleeping in his underwear now. So... here we are. A scene with Evey in his underwear. I feel kind of awkward about it, so of course I'm drawing extra attention to it by writing this HUGE PARAGRAPH--stop typing, Zules, stop!!

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