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Dzuna in the final panel is the best Dzuna I've ever drawn.

Exciting news! Umbra Rumble, the forum-based roleplaying game hosted by my husband is starting up again!

"In the land of Cresnov, there are deimons.

Taking the shape of animals, each deimon is born of a certain umbra, bestowing it with a unique magic talent.

In the land of Amathae, deimons are scarce.

Few humans know they exist, and fewer still know of umbras.

You are one of those select few."

Please check it out, and sign up if you want to participate--or influence the outcome with your "like"s! The current Rumble opens at the end of page 5.

Page uploaded on January 8, 2019.
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MAGIC AND ADVENTURE AWAIT: A sheltered rich girl dreams to see the world and finds her ticket in a mysterious, brooding drifter with a terrible secret.

While a great deal of this comic is light-hearted and fun, it does deal with some serious themes and is not for children. If this concerns you, please read the disclaimer.

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