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First of all, I apologize if anyone is disturbed by the nature of the violence on this page. I myself had a lot of difficulty drawing it, so I'm not including it flippantly or for meaningless shock value.

Truthfully, I almost rewrote this scene in order to erase this page, but this scene is important and will have ramifications that extend beyond this chapter, so it needed to happen.

If you haven't realized it by now, Exvulnerum has the plot of a story that can get really pretty dark. Disturbing scenes like this are just part of the territory if I want to hold myself to maintaining this story's genuineness, and I do.

I realize this might damage or totally ruin the likeability of Evey in the eyes of many readers. I find that a totally valid and appropriate response, because what he is doing here is exceedingly uncalled for and not something that I think should be excused away. Of course, there are reasons WHY he's doing this, and we can come together to discuss and understand those--but there's a difference between understanding something and excusing it. He is very much in the wrong here, absolutely, and I hope we can all acknowledge that and respect the varying degrees to which we each will respond to this page. Some of you may hate Evey after this, some of you may believe he still deserves someone in his corner, and some of you might fall somewhere in the middle. Some of you might observe this scene from a detached, literary-minded perspective, while for some of you it may hit close to the heart.

However it may be, let's all treat each other with kindness and respect and buckle in for the rest of the story! There's a LOT still to go!

Unfortunately, with this page, I must leave you guys for a week as I travel out of state! The next update comes at you Monday, November 26th! See you then! Join the forums in the meantime!

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