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And with this page, I'm stepping in to make an Author Change: the spelling of "daemon" is now "deimon."

The word "daemon," as some of you may know, is pronounced identically to "demon." I realized this from the very beginning, but I didn't see it as a problem since the different spellings kept them separate in my mind.

However, that was many years ago, and now that I have bigger ambitions for Exvulnerum and expect it to eventually be discussed in spoken word, it bothers me that "daemons" could easily be confused with "demons" when they are in fact not the same thing. The potential for confusion, though, bothers me, and therefore I'm changing the spelling AND pronunciation of my in-comic beings to "deimon" (DAY-uh-mun).

Hopefully this isn't too big a change and doesn't bother anybody. I will be going back and changing previous mentions of "daemons" to say "deimon," but let me know if I miss anything!

Page uploaded on December 7, 2017.
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MAGIC AND ADVENTURE AWAIT: A sheltered rich girl dreams to see the world and finds her ticket in a mysterious, brooding drifter with a terrible secret.

While a great deal of this comic is light-hearted and fun, it does deal with some serious themes and is not for children. If this concerns you, please read the disclaimer.

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