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I apologize, but I got the date wrong in the stream announcement!! I said the 2nd, but I meant the 3rd. Hopefully this mix-up doesn't disappoint too many people ):

The image above has the correct time! It's going to be held Sunday, tomorrow (or Monday if you're in a different timezone)! Today I am just preparing, but I'll go ahead and link you all to the fundraising page in case you want to go ahead and donate today.

As you can see on that page, there are bonus page updates every $200 milestone we reach.

For every bonus page that's earned, I will upload an Exvulnerum page that very night after the stream ends! Up to 5 all in a bunch! And then updates will continue normally that next week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday for now).

Okay, sorry again about the date mix-up on my part! This is my first time organizing a live stream on this scale, so this probably isn't going to be the only goof I make :P

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