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Hello guys! I'm still alive and everything.

I did have to evacuate from my home on Monday, but I'm back in it now and there was no flooding on our street.

The flooding from this hurricane was A HISTORIC DISASTER. Flooding in the Houston area--my hometown--was catastrophic with thousands of people forced out of their homes and into shelters. Please look at news coverage to understand the scope of the disaster.

So PLEASE JOIN ME Sunday, September 2nd at 2PM Central US Time for a charity live art stream. Its purpose is to raise money to help those in need, but it is an ENTERTAINMENT EVENT that everyone is encouraged to attend whether they are able to donate or not, so please come even if you can't commit to giving money!!

I'll post a link to the stream on my Twitter, @Zules, when it starts, so please take 2 minutes right now to set up a reminder on your smartphone to check my Twitter on Sunday (if you can).

ALSO, ExPUZZLEnerum starts on September 1st, so please check out the forum thread for that if you haven't already!!

Aaaa but please come to the live stream Sunday!! There will be bonus page updates for every $200 we raise (up to $1,000), so it'll be a lot of fun!!! PLEASE COME :D

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