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Referee Amber is back!

You may have noticed that Exvulnerum is now affiliated with the webcomic Extra!.

I highly recommend reading this one, guys! Here are 3 signs you should:

- IF YOU LIKE YOUNG COMICS: It's currently only 50 pages long, so you can easily catch up to the latest update and live the journey from near the very beginning!

- IF YOU LIKE ESTABLISHED COMICS: On the complete other hand, Extra! has a sketch version of the story which is over 400 pages long! That's a meaty chunk of story (longer than Exvulnerum)! So you can continue on beyond the colored pages and see all of the stuff that ends up happening!

- IF YOU LIKE EXVULNERUM: I really, really enjoyed/am enjoying reading Extra! because it is right up my alley fiction-wise as a well-executed dramedy (drama + comedy). That's what Exvulnerum is (or what I strive to make it). So if you like this comic, there's a really good chance you'll like Extra!, too, because they're similar in that aspect (among others)!

Exclamation points!! Extra!!!!

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