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I have an announcement to make:

Sadly, I need to lower my update schedule down to Mondays Only again. I've spent the last several weeks just barely able to keep up with 3x a week, and often that means pages aren't getting the proper TLC they need before I have to upload them. I don't want to keep going like this, feeling stressed, pressured, and heading toward burnout--while the story suffers because production is being rushed. As you can see, we're about to have some particularly dramatic & emotionally draining scenes here, and I really want to feel my best for them so that I can do them justice.

I can literally feel my blood pressure returning to normal as I make this announcement, lol, because I really have been nonstop STRESSED and it'll be good for me and for Exvulnerum if I can just take a bit of a breather.

I do feel sad though that it's come to this again. I VERY MUCH want to be able to keep up 3x weekly updates year round and keep the story moving, but the reality is I'm limited as a human being--and a very physically disabled human being at that, lol.

My intention is to do several things: keep working on the comic to establish a meaningful buffer & maintain Monday uploads, catch up on some sleep (I'm just tired, dude), step back from posting daily on my artist social media to regain some lost time & energy, maybe actually log into our Cresnov Minecraft server for the first time in *checks server log* 11 days, and participate in a clinical trial next month which involves some overnight hospital stays & would have required me taking time off anyway--but also which has the potential to boost my energy levels. I may even do some art or game streaming just to have fun and connect! I think doing all of that will replenish my strength & enthusiasm so that I can work back up to 3x a week updates before too long.

My dear patrons who support me monetarily every month: I'm hoping you'll keep your pledge at the same level because I will still have the same expenses related to webhosting and being alive, and your support is super appreciated! But if you do feel the need to lower or cancel your pledge, that's okay too! It's all love and positive vibes over here on my side, and I want your experience to be positive, too.

I'll still be active over on the forums, of course, so feel free to come hang out! And if you're itching for more webcomics to read, be sure to read EXTRA! and Moxie, two comics created by wonderful friends of mine. Or just, you know, reread Exvulnerum. It's super long and you've probably forgotten most of it, let's be real.

Thanks, guys, for being THE BEST INTERNET PEOPLE I've ever had the great fortune of writing a story for. We're gonna continue down this horrible pain train together, God willing, just.... slower for the time being, hahaha.

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