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NURSE: Didn't you just say you were a twin?

AMBER: Huh? Me? I've never spoken to you before!

NURSE: Then your sister--

AMBER: My sisters! They were here, huh? Yeah, that makes sense! They call themselves twins because they've disowned me as their triplet.

NURSE: Disowned...?

AMBER: Please don't pry. I'm very sensitive about my tragic past.

NURSE: Sorry, it's just... If your sisters have disowned you, why are you all in the same troupe?


NURSE: Your outfits... You're all wearing the same outfit...

AMBER: Oh! That's... that's because this was... on sale.

NURSE: On sale?

AMBER: Yeah!

NURSE: *narrows eyes* And you ALL bought it?

AMBER: It was a really good deal. Like a million percent off. Can I give blood now?

NURSE: Hold on. If you're disowned and not in some kind of group with them, then why are you all coming in here with the same guy?


NURSE: THE SAME GUY! *points at Evey*

AMBER: *looks at Evey* You... you came in with them? ARE YOU TWO-TIMING ME?!

EVEY: *doesn't want to play along with the cover story* No!

AMBER: *starts pretend smacking Evey* I TRUSTED YOU WITH MY TRAGIC PASTTTT!

EVEY: Stop!!

AMBER: Okay, I'll give you one more chance, but only because SAVING LIVES puts me in a forgiving mood. *looks at nurse* Can I give blood now?

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