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DID YOU KNOW the Exvulnerum Comic Brick is for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, other international retailers I've never heard of, and, I even saw it this morning on

If you're in the US, I recommend buying the brick on because I earn an additional affiliate commission and local bookstores are helped, too!

Speaking of money, even though the brick is USD$54.99, most of that cost is actually just the cost of printing it--because it's a whopping 653 pages and in hardback to promote durability which it needs because of its size. It's an impressive-looking tome, and I don't think you'll regret purchasing one if you already love Exvulnerum.

Thank you thank you to those who have already bought a copy <3 I hope the brick haunts your bookshelves for many years to come. We've already seen some readers post selfies with their bricks, so please feel free to post yours too!! :D

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