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MAY 1st... What better way to spend the THIRTEENTH anniversary of Exvulnerum than by ordering the first THIRTEEN chapters in print?!

I'm happy to announce that the Exvulnerum Comic Brick is already available for preorder in the following countries (on Amazon):












...and possibly elsewhere! Let me know if you see it somewhere I haven't listed!

This book is being distributed via Ingram, the largest book wholesaler in the world, so any bookstore can likely get a hold of it! If you want to shop at your local book or comic shop (please do!) try requesting Exvulnerum there by giving them the ISBN: 979-8218076658.

Official release date is May 5!

My goal all along with this print volume was to make it easy for international readers to purchase, so please don't spend outrageous amounts in shipping costs ❤ Depending where you live, the shipping might be free, or it might cost some money, but I'd definitely recommend not paying anything unreasonable, since this book's distribution and availability should grow with time. (Ingram distributes to 40,000 bookstores, online retailers, chain retailers, libraries, etc.)

And if you like my comic, I definitely want you to own a copy of the print version! It came out sooo nice (click for a video)! I'm really proud to have created this product for everyone to enjoy!

If you can't afford the price tag but still want to see it in person, try requesting it at your library. They may just get a copy! Again, the ISBN is: 979-8218076658.

Thank you for reading! Thanks for being the best readers ever! I hope these 13 years I've spent creating my silly pain comic have added some small amount of good to your lives. As long as God wills it, I'll keep on drawing this thing, until the end, maybe enough for several more comic bricks in the future. :)

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