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It was a bad time

Oooooh big news, big news! The print volume of Exvulnerum is now available for preorder!!! I wanted to put together a smoother announcement, but I have to tell you this NOW because Barnes & Noble has a coupon code-- PREORDER25 --for 25% off the book if you order by tomorrow, April 28. That's right, 25% off!!!!!! That's the retailer's promotion, therefore I still get the same compensation per sale :)

It is FRESHLY being distributed, so at the time of writing, B&N still doesn't have the cover or description in their system! But Amazon does, also available now for preorder on their site!!!

INTERNATIONAL READERS: The book is printing in multiple continents, so you should be able to get the book via your favorite online bookstore for no or minimal shipping charges! You should also be able to get it at your local bookstore if you request a copy there! Just keep in mind that the official publication date is a week from now--May 5--so you may have to wait until then to see it available at your favorite retailer. Let me know where you find it and if you're having issues finding it!

And please do purchase a copy if you can afford it! :D This volume covers the prologue through Chapter 13, has some expanded/improved art, so if you love Exvulnerum, I'm confident you will love this print version I've worked so hard on ❤ 11 months in the making, and now it's finally on sale!!

It's over 3 lbs!! It's my baby. Get a copy for yourself, too!

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