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Some confused feelings here...

Hey :D Here's the real page 1121! If you're still seeing the April Fools joke page with the skateboard, please hard refresh your browser or view the new page here.

BY THE WAY, I totally didn't upload the joke early! I made sure it was April 1st in the earliest timezones before I did :P So: APRIL FOOLS!!! :D



Sorry for the slightly late update, but eh, it's still Friday where I live :D

I know, I know--some of you were hoping Amber would return to the spring for her final showstopping performance. But I need the characters to get to Calit soon (or I'll never finish this comic), so expect a time skip right to the Istobal mansion next page :D We'll get to see all of Amber's brothers--and--!!!

Amber's new adopted brother! That's right! Mr. Istobal has adopted Cygnus, but I feel like it's okay to tell you that in advance since the clues were there. You don't need a big list again, do you?

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