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iNtuitives, am I right?

Not only are pages in Chapter 21 bigger, but I'm formatting them from the get-go with printing in mind, so we have some intermittent bleed pages like this one (and actually, in the print-ready file, Dzuna extends off the page even farther than this).

That's the fun part about having come to the end of formatting Exvulnerum Comic Brick #1; now I SORTA know what I'm doing and can plan current pages accordingly so that future books are easier to create.

Have you been keeping up with news about the book? The latest is that I've sent off for a second-round proof copy (a physical preview of how the book looks after being printed), and I should get it within the next week! I'm soooo excited to hammer out the remaining issues and hopefully get this thing on sale very soon!!! This is your warning to save up, guys, because it's a brick and it's gonna cost a little more than a regular comic book!! (But it's also going to be manufactured in several international locations, so hopefully you will save on shipping costs!)

But if paying for stuff isn't your thing, how about giving me some feedback on the free trading card activity I created a couple years back? "West With Animals" on Neonmob is out of print, but I'm thinking about making a new series with more exclusive art... Anyone interested?

But if waiting for art isn't your thing, how about voting for Exvulnerum on BestWebcomics? I uploaded a new voting incentive there several days ago, so if you vote, you can see some art of Amber right away as a thank you :D

Thanks for reading!

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