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Title drop! Yeahhhh!

Feels good to be back to Wednesday updates. You might also be noticing the new email sign-up form I've added to the website! (Mobile users, scroll down and click the new button.) This is a BRAND NEW email service, and I've been testing it out for the last few updates to make sure I set it up correctly. Should be A-OK, so feel free to sign up!


-if you signed up for the old email service delivered via feedburner, you will have to sign up again. The old service was discontinued (not my choice) over a year ago, I think? Hey, if you signed up for the old one, you may not even be here to read this because you're not being notified anymore. Sorry about that; hope you see this someday.

-if you're already subscribed to Exvulnerum via an RSS service, the first checkbox provides the exact same service, basically. But feel free to subscribe to the other two check boxes!

-the new update notification emails will notify you of an update within 24hr, not instantly. If you want to know about updates instantly, your best bets are supporting me on Patreon, watching the update thread on Cresnov, or refreshing this website every millisecond of your life.

-I finally updated the copyright year in the footer of the website from 2021 to 2022. It's November. :sunglassesemoji:

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