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Clambering Amber

Surprise Friday update BECAUSE I need to tell you guys that the 2022 Halloween Read-a-Thon for Exvulnerum and EXTRA! starts THIS weekend, October 28-31st! We're going by UTC time, but for those of y'all in the US: that's Thursday evening through Monday evening! Depending on when you're reading this, that could be RIGHT NOW! :D

Join the Read-a-Thon and win a chance at a custom illustration by me or unlock a juicy Exvulnerum spoiler!! Christy, author of EXTRA!, is also offering a prize for the winner of her side of the Read-a-Thon! Two prizes are up for grabs!! But the main fun is four days of reading & rereading webcomics together with others on the forum! You'll be able to show off your progress with cute little badges that you unlock! We hope you participate and have a blast!

Please visit the thread for more information!

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