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Amber is not above extorting children for money.

NEWS: I'm going to turn the recently irregular update schedule into something official and switch over to Mondays-only for right now. This is absolutely temporary, and the main reason I'm doing it is because THE BOOK is nearing completion, at least in the formatting department, and I really want to buckle down and get it fully finished ASAP so that there's a chance to get the brick out for sale by the holiday shopping season. It's already looking kind of iffy on that front, but I have to try!

Formatting the book has been going amazingly, by the way, and I get more excited for it every day ❤❤ Please visit this thread to follow updates (I post them almost every day). Thanks, everyone, for your ever-flowing support and love ❤ Exvulnerum is my absolute priority and pleasure, and I plan to keep producing pages for a long time.

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