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PREDICT: What is Amber thinking?

Also, I'm going to need to take at least an update off, probably more?

I've been trying to rebuild my buffer that got destroyed after covid, format the giant print volume, and promote Exvulnerum on Tiktok like it's a parttime job--but as you can imagine, it's a lot, and it doesn't take much to start toppling this house of cards. Sigh. I really hate skipping updates. But I went to sketch some Chapter 20 pages today, and I felt like my heart wasn't in it at all, so that means I definitely need to take a small break or I'm going to burn out again.

Stay encouraged, though! Chapter 20 is going to be a great one, I know it, I just gotta take a little rest here to refuel for the second half. :) love you, friendssss

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