Page uploaded on June 16, 2022.

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Fun fact: I spent almost 2 days creating the train map, and you can't even see it--! XD

I did have a lot of fun setting this scene up, though. The spooky nighttime lighting was particularly enjoyable to create in my 3D software! Ominous shadows are highly satisfying to render! I did step away some from line art in the background, though, which is giving me results I'm not totally happy with because it does look a bit TOO 3D--so the experimentation continues!

Meanwhile, thank you so much for the well wishes on the previous page!! I'm still not fully recovered, and neither is my buffer, so I might still have to skip some updates--but for now, I wanted to keep this pain train rolling!

And, totally off-topic, but may I interest you in a free dog?

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