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She stands!

Missed Monday's update. After 2+ years of avoiding it, my entire household caught covid :( I have what I like to call "dead fish lungs" that operate at 25% capacity (PRIOR to covid, not because of covid), so any respiratory illness is very dangerous, often life-or-death, and takes a lot out of me. Luckily, I've been vaxxed, boosted, and had immediate access to Pfizer's anti-covid pill, so I stayed out of the hospital!

Right now I'm still recovering, coughing and feeling a bit tired, but having stretches where I feel well enough to work again. Unfortunately I lost about a week of work time, and I was already playing things risky by spending a good proportion of time working on Exvulnerum's print edition, so my buffer looks sicker than I do, lol. I'll probably skip a few more updates until I get back into a good place. Sorry :( But I know you guys understand!!!

Uughh... I never want to catch covid again; it's been rough. Stay safe out there! SFMHC

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