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The big page 1000!!! 1000 pages of Exvulnerum! Can you believe it!?

I tried squeezing and stretching the script to make it into a more meaningful page than this, but nothing seemed to work without really messing up the chapter's pacing. But I mean, page 500 is a hard one to beat in terms of significance. And page 800 narrowly missed being a doozy. So there are some cool (and unplanned) milestones already :)

But this is a special time of reflection for me, so I want to say some stuff. First of all, thank you for spending literal hours of your life reading this story. Your comments, your observations, your jokes, your theories--even just your pageviews--they are the fuel that keeps me working week after week on this beast of a webcomic, and I definitely need some fuel. A comic like this one gets depressing sometimes, lol.

Which brings me to my next point: We're 1,000 pages in, and there's still a heck of a lot of comic to go. Chapter 19 is almost over, and I'm particularly excited for the next several chapters! I've planned some great character interactions that I'm really looking forward to, and there's an upcoming twist that may or may not blow your mind. ;) It continues to be one of my greatest priorities to figure out how to increase page production and get back to 4x uploads per week!!! We have so much plot to get through!!! Gahh it's so hard to draw fast enough!!

And the last thing I wanted to mention: if you're financially able to give just $1 per month to help me cover server costs, advertising costs, my coffee addiction, etc, please consider becoming a patron on Patreon! You'll also finally be able to click that "View the original sketch" link right under every page! wOwza!

Anyway, these 1,000+ pages have been an incredible experience, and I'm so glad I get to share it with all of you. You guys are the best readers I could ever hope to have. Y'all are seriously, seriously, awesome! I'd love it if more of you signed up on Cresnov so I can get to know you even better :) SFMHC

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