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I'm so excited to start this chapter!!

First, though an announcement:

I'm going out of the state this week, so there won't be any updates until I return. But Exvulnerum will be back soon!!

In the meantime, why not join the forums? We have tons of silly fun there, and I try to post previews of the next page to-be-updated, so head on over if you want a small taste of the new chapter!

Page uploaded on July 9, 2017.
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Exvulnerum is a plot-driven, full color adventure comic about a group of young people on the quest of their lifetimes. This large-scale, multi-arc story will include magic, romance, drama, danger, comedy, and... yo-yos?

While a great deal of this comic is light-hearted and fun, it does deal with some serious themes and is not for children. If this concerns you, please read the disclaimer.


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