Main Characters


FULL NAME: Amberleigh (AM-ber-LEE) Istobal (is-TOE-bull)

OCCUPATION: Pretend Journalist

LIKES: pirates, adventure

DISLIKES: elitism, reading

DESCRIPTION: Amber has lived most of her life sheltered by her wealthy family, but she is restless to break free and carve out an exciting story for herself. Whatever she lacks in common sense she makes up for in the intensity of her sheer enthusiasm.

QUOTE: "I want to live my life to the fullest and see the entire world!"


FULL NAME: Evey (EH-vee) Kendrickson


LIKES: maps, yo-yoing

DISLIKES: injustice, taking more than one's fair share

DESCRIPTION: Until the events of the Prologue, Evey lived a wholesome life filled with hard work and family bonding with his father on their farm. He is an introspective type who is content with a peaceful status quo, but a rigid attachment to his convictions can make him a wild card in tense situations.

QUOTE: "I'm desperate, true, but at least I haven't hit the bottom of the barrel yet."


FULL NAME: Weston Stacker


LIKES: old fashioned chivalry, animals

DISLIKES: disrespect, recklessness

DESCRIPTION: West became unlikely friends with Amber when they were children and has taken it upon himself to make sure her wild impulses don't land her in trouble. Aside from his mysterious and unexplained 3 month absence from home, he prides himself on complete predictability--because that's responsible.




LIKES: ???, ???

DISLIKES: ???, ???

DESCRIPTION: ??????????




LIKES: ???, ???

DISLIKES: ???, ???

DESCRIPTION: ??????????


FULL NAME: Dzuna (JUNE-uh)


LIKES: fashion, gloating

DISLIKES: boundaries, fedoras

DESCRIPTION: Dzuna is a magical being with unknown origin and motives.

QUOTE: "Any chapter without me is a snore-fest."

About the Comic

Exvulnerum is a plot-driven, full color adventure comic about a group of young people on the quest of their lifetimes. This large-scale, multi-arc story will include magic, romance, drama, danger, comedy, and... yo-yos?

While a great deal of this comic is light-hearted and fun, it does deal with some serious themes and is not for children. If this concerns you, please read the disclaimer.


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